Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sick in the Head

I alluded to the head cold I was suffering from this weekend. While I was upset about disappointing dinner partners and my Sunday class, my illness provided an even deeper concern.

Early Saturday morning I went to pick up my vacuum at the repair shop. However, after numerous phone calls regarding the appliance's unfit condition and the cause of the condition, followed by a phone call indicating the appliance's completed repair status, when I arrived to bring home my much needed vacuum, I was surprised to learn that it was not fit for release after all. In fact, parts were still in transit that would ensure complete recovery.

Devastated I explained that with five children, the old vacuum I had stolen borrowed was not cutting it. For my inconvenience, pain, worry, and frustration, which I tried to manage with a smile, I was awarded a loaner vacuum: their top-end, take-no-prisoners, hoo-rah vacuum.

However as the Saturday errands progressed and I felt worse and worse, I barely limped inside upon arriving home and went straight to bed.

While in bed I worried about the aforementioned Saturday dinner and Sunday class commitments. But mostly...I worried that I would not recover in time to try out the fancy-dancy razzle-dazzle vacuum, before my old one was well enough to come home!

And that thought process illustrates perfectly how being a mother housekeeper of five changes a person.


  1. you must really have been sick!
    we had an experience once when our jetta was in the shop for the upteenth time, so the dealer gave us a loaner car--a cabrio, vw's convertible. we ran all over town with it for four days and were devestated when they called us to say that we had to pick up our old car. poor kimball, who was a baby at the time, didn't enjoy riding everywhere with the top down, but we did it anyhow!

  2. Start chugging some OJ! Vitamin C quickly beefs up your immune system and you can get the sickness out of your body with the quickness.

  3. Michal,

    Nah, I wasn't that bad. I simply appreciate a good vacuum!

  4. Send the little ones to work for you, tell them its a game who can vaccum the quickest.

  5. Ouch! Hope you're on the mend by now. Yeah (sigh) motherhood sure does change your priorities, doesn't it?

  6. And that, ma'am, is a very classy shot. VERY nice work. Great angle.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Shall I fly in and take over your household?

    Just say the word .....

  7. Pope Terry,

    They are the ones that are supposed to vacuum. But it doesn't always get dne to my standards so I have to revacuum after they leave for school.

  8. Carol,

    Motherhood changes everything!

  9. David,

    I am better. I probably spent more time blogging about being sick than actually being sick. I recovered almost too quickly. Friends that saw me on Tuesday had a hard time buying the story that I was too sick to even leave the house on Sunday. Oh well.


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