Monday, October 1, 2007

A Crystal Ball Just When You Need One

The other evening, D2 approached me alone in the kitchen and said, "Mom, there's something you should know: I'm from the future."

While I admit I'm not certain how these things work, I do recall giving birth to that child. Actually more so than any of the others, since the epidural was non functional. But maybe that is how kids from the future come to this world. How should I know? I know very little about time travel.

In fact, as I contemplated this shocking news I realized that I know very little about several things. Naturally, I want to ask D2 many questions, like how and when I'll die, if DH will ever make a couple million dollars, which stock purchase will net me a 235% return in one year, and how soon Marie Osmond will be voted off Dancing With the Stars.

But if she only gives me one question, I've already decided what it will be, "Who wins: Blu-ray or HD DVD?"

The rest of my life will come and go regardless, but I'm putting off too many DVD purchases to let this battle continue undecided.


  1. Um, when I (finally) figure out how to work our DVD player, I'll let you know - but you could be waiting for years!

  2. Maybe I'll buy into all this HD and Blu Ray stuff when I watch a film or program on it.

    I'm still impressed by DVD.

    I remember the VHS days very well, DVDs rock.

    Hmmmmmm . . . what would I want to know about the future? That sounds like a blog . . . Let's see if I can bang that out : )

  3. David,

    I can't believe you are that technically challenged. DH would be so disappointed.

  4. Ak-Man,

    Ah the VHS days. Where did they ever go?

    Looking forward to the "future" post.

  5. Wow, she seems quite sure about this doenst she... can she recommend which flying car I should buy.

  6. Oh blimey - Blu Ray??? Eeek, just when I've come to grips with DVD, you're telling me I'm obsolete (again)?? Hmph.

    Sure must be cool though, having an offspring from the future.. I have one from another planet, does that count?

  7. where does d2 come up with this stuff?
    i'm in the dvd corner. mostly because i don't want mine to be obsolete.

  8. by the way, i can't help but root for marie on dwts, even if she isn't very good. i actually logged on and voted last night--a first for me in any reality contest.

  9. I wish like hell my family would have known who were going to win the video player wars. They went with Betamax.

    Crap on a stick.

  10. Where did the VHS days GO...??? I... I... I thought they were still here. I've been taping stuff for far too long to give it all up now... *sniff*

  11. Bart, I stand with you. My family as well.

  12. Pope Terry,

    Oh I gues you wouldn't know...In a crippled effort to stall global warming all people from the future ride camels, no flying cars - sorry.

  13. Carol,

    Another planet? Yep. That counts too.

  14. Michal,

    I think D2 watches too much TV. As far as DWTS - way to vote for Marie! I must admit I haven't gotten around to any voting on DWTS. I guess I really should. Seeing as how tight I am with the Osmonds and all.

  15. Bart,

    The superior product does not always win out. We had VHS to prove it.

  16. Suldog,

    Note the "had" in my reponse to Bart. Come on, buddy. Time to move on. There's a dandy little thing out now called TiVo!!

  17. Dan,

    It's like going with WordPerfect only to be obliterated by Word. Sorry, dude.

  18. I went to grade school for a couple of years with Aaron Osmond, Marie's nephew. He called me "Fishface" for no apparent reason.

    The BEST part is I happened to write about it (and my huge crush on Donny Osmond, etc.) and Aaron Osmond FOUND the entry and APOLOGIZED. Yes, it was a quarter century or so after the fact, but it was still very nice of him.

    That has nothing to do with how completely delighted and amused I was with your daughter's pronouncement. And even though I laughed hysterically when I read it, the first (selfish) question about the future that came to mind was, "Will I ever, EVER get out of my Parents' basement (which I know is every girl's dream in their late thirties, but PLEASE)???" Wait - also, "Will they ever find the magic bullet medicine that will make me only charmingly insane?"

    And, "What will I be when I grow up?"

    Too much information,
    Crazy Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

  19. Deb,

    Your daughter and you crack me up! Isn't it sometimes amazing the kind of conversations we have with our kids? I have had similar mind-boggling statements thrown at me, and on hindsight, I wonder how I responded??


  20. Kate,

    An Osmond reading your blog!!! You are my hero!!! WOW!!!! Do all the exclamation marks properly express my enthusiasm? You are TOO COOL!

  21. Phase Out,

    She is a crack up. A very very funny girl.

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