Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Prettiest Sight to See

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Which can be very exciting if you're just getting over that stuffed feeling from eating too much Thanksgiving turkey and you're singing Christmas carols while hanging decorations on the the tree. But when you are planning Easter Egg hunts and the Christmas lights have been packed away in the basement for three months, it's not so thrilling.

Winter storms in the spring, are not uncommon where we live, but ten days ago, while the kids were running through the sprinklers and getting sunburned laying out on beach towels on the driveway, I took that as a good sign to finally clean out the mudroom for the season. Dragging snowboards, sleds, snow boots, hats, and mittens to the basement, I made room for the increasing clutter of flip flops, sunscreen, bottles of bubbles, kites and visors. In hindsight, I should have known such an act would send a red alert to Mother Nature.

This morning, after bundling the children up in their beach towels, I drove them to school in 4-wheel drive and marvelled at our blessed winter storm. Luckily, the holiday decorations are not buried too deep in the basement clutter. Now, if only I could decide what to ask Santa to bring me for Christmas.


  1. Well, it's a beautiful photo. I embarrassingly admit that I was complaining that our temps dropped to 50 balmy degrees yesterday. I had to put a sweatshirt on the baby. I hope you're not a gardener! I bet that weather ruined a lot of people's gardens. I hope it thaws out for you soon :)

  2. Thank you for your pity. It warms my heart. Now if I could just warm my toes!

  3. We're in Canada and we don't have snow.(I'm rubbing it in, aren't I?)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to use the avacado dip in your restaurant (unless you find a better one-then you must fill me in :)

  4. No snow in Canada when there is snow in the valleys of Utah? Why that’s preposterous and quite simply un-Canadian.

  5. I am sure you are grateful for the "moisture" (a word that makes my wifes skin crawl). We love reading your blogs and look forward to them every day.

  6. G'day from Australia,

    Thanks for leaving your link on my blog, Deborah. I've enjoyed looking at your work and I like the tone of your writing, as well as your presentation.

    Speaking of weather, it sounds like your neck of the woods is about as unpredictable as my home city, Melbourne, where we literally get four seasons in one day. No kidding.

    Hope to see your footprints across my blog more often.

    Take care and enjoy the snow in the pre-Easter buildup!


    David aka aussiejourno

  7. bmorecmore,
    You guys are awesome! I am grateful for the "moisture" - she's right not such a great word. Anyway, it saves me from watering the pansies. Oh yeah, and builds up in the mountains to melt and fill our reservoirs in the summer so we can drink, and the fish can live, and other good stuff too.

  8. G'day, David,


    Love those words! Love Australia!


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