Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spoiled Dinner

With an uncanny ability to speak with skills that would not normally be expected of a 28-month old, D3 often elicits chuckles as we hear ourselves in someone who is only 30 inches tall.

The other night D3 and I sat at the kitchen bar eating dinner. As she crawled up, down and around the eating area, I cautioned her that she needed to remain seated and hold still. But she continued to fidget, oblivious to my advice.

Eventually her fork fell off her plate and tumbled to the floor. With an animated look of surprise, she crawled off the edge of the counter and back onto her bar stool. There she perched on all fours and peered down to the floor from the rattan seat.

I sat in silence watching her think. Soon she looked up at me, shook her head, and distinctly confessed,

"That's not good."


  1. Very cute. I remember someone (perhaps my Mom, but I'm not sure) saying that if you dropped a fork, a woman was coming to visit. A knife was a man. A spoon was a child. Odd superstition, one which I never kept track of, but somewhat believed for a few childhood years.

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  3. often translated as "oh, oh!" :)

  4. she's obviously living in a house with people much older than she is! you can always tell the little people in the older families.

  5. Suldog,
    No woman visitor yet... Hmmmm... Sorry don't let me skepticism lessen the belief. I'm sure it's true.

  6. J&J -
    Yeah. We aren't talented enough for those kinds of forks....

  7. Oh, Eve!

    How are you? My long lost Canadian friend....

  8. Michal,

    Yes, you are spot on. She is a little person ina big person house.

  9. I'm doing well, Deb. I've been doing some internet business and the daily grind.

    I just got back into editing my book (writing it was so much more fun!).

    Thankfully I have a friend that keeps hassling me to get writing-cause she wants to read the rest of it :)

    How are you and yours?


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