Sunday, April 6, 2008

Final's Week Flirtation

In an effort to further my education, obtain a college degree and thereby prepare myself for a successful career of some sort, I attended Brigham Young University full-time on an academic scholarship. I worked 20-30 hours a week at a furniture store to supplement the scholarship. However, I barely managed to buy food and books and still have some money leftover for computer fees.

In an attempt to meet and marry some good-looking, smart chick, DH was enrolled part-time in a few evening classes at the same university. (However, do not falsely assume that enrollment is equivalent to attendance.) When he and his buddies were not challenging the BYU varsity basketball team to pickup games at the Richards Building, DH also worked part-time. His waiting tables gig at a Provo Pizza Hut afforded him all the essentials: 1) A paycheck with which to purchase ski passes and gas for his '79 Honda Accord hatchback, 2) All the pizza he could eat, 3) Cute girls to not-so-slyly leave their phone number on table napkins, and 4) Coins (from cheap tips) for occasionally doing laundry. It was a college guy's dream job.

One evening during December final's, known as the infamous Final's Week, my roommate managed to pull me from my studying to traverse down the hallway of our apartment complex. Her boyfriend lived a few doors down and had proudly called to invite her over to see their apartment which was festively decorated for the upcoming Christmas holiday, although he most certainly was planning to not-so-coyly catch her under the mistletoe hung above the front door. Reluctantly, I put down my books to follow her.

Meanwhile, DH was helping my roommate's boyfriend hang the last cardboard Rudolph Reindeer, and he was realizing some unpleasant news. A quick trip during Final's Week to a friend's cabin for snowmobiling was turning out to be more of a couple's trip. Soon realizing that everyone of his buddies had invited a "date" for the adventure, DH was suddenly worried that the long awaited day was going to leave him an uncomfortable 5th wheel.

"What am I going to do?" DH quizzed his roommate. "I have no idea who to invite."

At that very moment my roommate and I knocked on the door. We walked in, pretending to admire the amateur decorating job in their tiny apartment. As I walked into the living room, acccented with sparkly tinsel hung with scotch tape, DH stood up. We knew each other casually since our roommates were dating, but rarely had spoken.

"Debbie!" he exclaimed, "How'd you like to go snowmobiling up to a cabin with me tomorrow?"

Despite the fact it was Final's Week, and I had a political science and a Hebrew exam for which I was completely unprepared, I readily agreed. Walking out of the apartment I was baffled by my uncharacteristic spontaneity.

Maybe it was the ambiance of a remote cabin in the Wasatch Mountains. It could easily have been the blazing fire and DH picking out Christmas carols that evening on a guitar. Whatever it was, by the time we got back to Provo the mistletoe hung in DH's apartment doorway certainly came in handy.


  1. That's a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Now that is a great story. Just another little part of DH's past I am catching up on. Sorry I was not able to see all of you this trip out west. Glad you are back blogging.

  3. Mom,

    It's actaully only the beginning to a beautiful story.

  4. Hilary,

    Thank you, it was a lovely time, and I can't believe over 18 years have passed since then!

  5. Joanne,

    Yes, this is a good tidbit for you to know. Of course, it is my version. DH's might vary a bit I suppose, though probably not much. Sorry I was unable to make the trip to CA. DH had a great time though.

  6. I'm so delighted that you're back in Blogland, Debbie.

    Um, did DH nick any store mascots on the snowmobiling trip?

    (whispers ..... One day, I'll have to tell you the story of how I proposed to Mrs Authorblog.)

  7. it's so fun to hear how people met and fell in love. and i love those byu romances. they get me every time!

  8. Hmmm, who knows, this could be told to your grandchildren one day. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Awwww. That is so sweet! Lovely tale. Thanks for sharing.
    Over from David's btw.

  10. Both this story, and yesterday's, were wonderful reminiscences. Good work!

    (By the way, did you ever find out whether Jeff's father actually ate, and liked, your pie?)

  11. I think you were already won over by DH's blue eyes, his tall frame and manly swagger! :)

    I'm glad you went on that snowmobile ride because you have made such a wonderful family. I love your ability to recount your life experiences. I remember stories you have told from my days in the primary.

    Try the above link, I think you'll be encouraged.

  12. Darrell, mate,

    If Debbie (aka She Who Rules This Blog) invites you in as guest blogger for a day, could we please have your memories of this story?

    No, seriously ....

  13. David,

    You owe me a story for sure. I want to hear the beginning of your happily-ever-after too!

  14. Michal,

    BYU has a history rich of how we met and fell in love stories. Maybe that could be a book...

  15. Mushy,

    Yes, that would be a great idea!

  16. CrazyCath,

    Thanks for following David's lead!

  17. Suldog,

    No idea about the pie. Remember, we only said "hi" in the hallways. Our relationship had not evolved to real conversation.

    I wonder if Jeff's dad even likes cheery pie!? I'm sure it was easy to feel sorry for me, though. Standing out there in front of everyone with no bidders on my pie...Poor me!

  18. Jamie and Julie,

    "...manly swaggger..." I am dying here. And it's not from the smell of haggis cooking on the fire.

    Nice website and flattery will get you anywhere with me.

    I did tell a few stories in Primary, didn't I? I almost forgot.

  19. David,

    She Who Rules This Blog has sent a formal request to Sir Theif-of-Bobs-Big-Boys.
    Together, we shall await his response.

  20. Please let me know when you start posting again, Debbie!!

  21. Nice story. Perhaps I'll have one like that someday.

  22. I got real pleasure reading the post:))

  23. Hope you're having a truly blessed Mother's Day, Debbie.

  24. That's a lovely tale and well written. What a great love story.

    Came over from David's where you have given a fantastic interview. Good to meet you.

  25. I'm here via David's blog (the Sunday Roast). I love hearing how people met/fell in love. Great story!

  26. Hello, Debbie. I came over from David's after reading your interview there.

    Sweet, romantic story...will more mistletoe details ensue?


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