Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jock Talk

This evening, D2 sat at the kitchen table calling her friends to issue an invitation to a Friday night birthday celebration.

Part of one conversation I heard went as follows

D1: Hey, Smith. This is Gamble. I'm having a party Friday at 8PM.
(Pause for response on other end of the phone.)
D1: Yeah, Can you come?

I'm so old-fashioned.

As far as I knew the only people that referred to each other solely by their last names were high school athletes trying to be cool. The ones that thought they were so tough, wearing little white towels in the locker room, after showering from a game or practice.

Since when do young Jr. High girls act this way? As in girly girls that straighten their hair, wear mascara, glitter eye shadow, and shiny lip gloss?


  1. Hey! you are back. Great to hear from you. Did D1 like her gift?

  2. Joanne,

    She did like it. She sent you a thank you card in the mail today. Thanks so much for thinking of her!

  3. I was one of those jock-types in highschool, we used last names all the time. So did the male teachers when referring to us. "Hey Mega, shutup and sit down!" Ha.

    My youngest sister is 19 and does it with her friends too.

  4. Dan,

    Your real last name is Mega? Really? I thought it was a terrific pen name.

    You get Mega, I get Gamble. Hmmmm.

  5. I think it's become one of those things, especially since you see it a lot in pop culture.

    We do it at work all the time because we have about 5 Johns and 3 Mikes, so it's just easier to always refer to people by last names.

  6. Bart,

    5 Johns, 3 Mikes, and I'm guessing only one Bartholomew.


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