Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Boogers Bug-her

While driving in the car, D3, buckled in her lounge recliner/car seat, suddenly shouted, "Mom!"

It is a little odd to me that someone so young calls me by that name. Even D2 and D1 still call my "Momma" and "Mommy". I am fairly certain that "Mom" is something your children call you when they become arrogant teenagers. Not when they turn two and start to talk.

Since I was driving and focused intently on the snowy winter roads, I ignored the salutation.

"Mom!" she shouted again - very distinctly. I continued to drive.

"Mom! she burst with even more gusto.

"What, Sweetie?" I finally replied.

"Here! Hold this for me," she demanded.

Musing to myself at her unusually mature speech, I briefly glanced over my shoulder to see what she needed to me hold. However, I declined taking the little "gem" she had pulled from inside her nose that was perched at the tip of her finger.


  1. Well? Did you? You didn't finish the story. :)

  2. I think it's hilarious what kids will truly want to save for some reason or another. I'm not sure about girls, but boys (such as myself) walked around with pockets full of bottle caps, dirt, worms, broken colored glass, and all sorts of other detritus. So, why not a booger?

  3. DB -
    Do you really think I reached over the seat and scraped her little treasure into my hand? Really?

  4. Suldog,
    Detritus is an AWESOME word. Really awesome.

  5. you have such a nice way of saying "booger" :)

  6. Please tell me that you did. You did, surely ....

    DH would have held out his hand, unhesitatingly.

  7. LOL - oh do you have some great stories ahead of you with this cute little one! That is too funny!


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